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Dear District 1 Residents,

As a lifelong resident of Salinas, I am honored to serve you as your County Supervisor. I too have felt the economic downturn and believe as you do that the past few years have been extremely difficult.   I pledge to continue working hard for you and your family.  I will continue to push for: access to high-quality, affordable health care, a safe community, good-paying jobs, and overall accessible government that listens to the community. My vision is simple, make government transparent and seamless. I know that people don’t care if they are calling their City, County or State and they could care less of what department takes care of pot holes, their disability issue, or their child support issue as long as it is taken care of. This philosophy of let’s take care of it, let’s not worry whom gets the credit is what I am all about.

My number one priority is you, your family and our community! I recognize that government doesn’t always work, but I believe we must continue to make strides to make our County government work for the people. As your Supervisor I will continue to lobby for federal and state dollars for our communities and will continue working with our community to better District 1 and the County of Monterey.

I have spent my entire life fighting for our families, and I have brought that same fighting spirit to the County of Monterey for the past 15 years. People from all walks of life make up our community, from seniors, to business people, and from youth to those working in the fields. We all have dreams and aspirations. My goal is to make our County a better place to live. But it can’t happen without you. Won’t you get involved!

So let’s roll up our sleeves! Together, we can do great things for Salinas and the County of Monterey


Fernando Armenta
Monterey County Supervisor-District 1